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Why Will the CEO of the Future be Someone with an Online Business Degree? The Economy, Genius!

Romanticized projections aside, earning yourself a quality online business degree these days is no easy task. You have to make sure your school is accredited, the education is choice, and the cost is fair. On top of that you actually have to earn the thing, which as any business major can tell you is no buttering the toast. The free market is an incredibly intricate engine to understand, and so is making sure you’re being taught the right things when trying to master it.

Yet the business leaders of the future are going to be men and women who not only understand the value of a buck, but the worth of a minute and the price of wasting both recklessly. The culmination of these understandings is an appreciation for the benefits of technology. The CEOs and ranked 500 entrepreneurs of the future will be individuals who embrace every cutting edge new technology has to offer, no matter how much it looks like it stings at first. Therefore, it can easily be deduced that these pioneering businesspeople of the years to come are the young people who are taking advantage of every technological opportunity laid before them today.

Let’s be honest: the prodigies of future business are those who will become the CEOs and convention celebrities of their time. Many of these people currently sit in 12th grade bored to death because everything being taught to them was either of no interest or something they knew more about than the teacher. Whenever this occurs in their academic career, it has a rippling effect for the remainder of their educational experience. It becomes less a learning experience, and more of an expensive reaffirmation of already analyzed theorems and theories.

It can lead to impatience, which is probably best demonstrated by the fact that neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs ever finished college.

The more practical entrepreneur and aspiring game changer will instead tell themselves the realities of higher education: “It’s the economy, genius.” Statistic after statistic makes it very clear you won’t make it far without a degree. The mistake some brilliant people make young in life is underestimating the unfortunate yet necessary power of other peoples’ perceptions in determining economy and career. The few pull through and succeed in spite of societal norms. The majority are unable to succeed despite their potential. The moral of the story, which is apparent to most budding business leaders, is to suck it up and get a degree.

But that doesn’t mean they have to put up with the boredom like they did in high school. They can instead choose more streamlined paths to getting that degree that stands between them and high salaried success with stock options. Count on many of the CEOs of the future to be the online college graduates of today. They will have seen the opportunity in skipping on the commute, classroom boredom, and further distractions and time constraints of traditional college in favor of an education they control.

Yet the most important aspect of their decision to choose online college over attending a traditional campus may very well be what drove them to college and to their capitalist calling in the first place: the economy. The costs of online college and a traditional university equate to about the same, but it’s the economics of time that these someday-CEOs see in an Internet education. They know how important the time-saving qualities of technology are in the pursuit of economic success.

As a someday-stockholder, could you ask for anything more?

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