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“Entrepreneurship is an adventure that is similar to climbing a mountain, where you know where you want to go, but you have no idea what the elements are going to throw at you along the way.”

Bryan Leeds is the co-founder of Xsync, which is a new mobile app that simplifies sending media files from your mobile to any other type of mobile device. Xsync’s patent pending technology is like an electronic handshake, whereby two phones can connect and exchange stuff. Xsync uses NFC (Near Field Communication) or the mobile device’s camera to connect two devices that are near to each other, so users don’t have to type anything on their phone or connect to a network when they want to send media files to others around them. Additionally, the app makes it easy to receive files, as all media automatically syncs into the user’s device when they receive files with Xsync.

The app is free, and the coolest part about Xsync is that people on the receiving end don’t even need the Xsync app to receive files from Xsync. All they need is a smartphone equipped with any standard QR reader.

MO: Can you talk about Xsync was created to answer a simple question?

Bryan: The simple question Xsync answers is: how can I give my photos to my friend who’s standing right next to me?

Before smartphones and digital cameras, we used to print our photos and hand them to the people around us when we wanted to share. But now with smartphones, we keep most of our photos on our phones, and there isn’t an easy way to hand them off to people like we used to do. We think that the paradigm of sharing with people around you still exists, but our phones haven’t been serving us well as we still have to send email attachments or send an MMS. These methods are convoluted and don’t mimic real world interaction.

Our phones are now with us all the time and they carry memories and other pieces of our lives. We don’t like typing on our phones because the keyboard is small and we wanted an easier way to connect. We were looking for the handshake of the digital age, and that handshake is Xsync.

MO: How does Xsync work? What are some of the aspects or features that you’re most proud of?

Bryan: Currently, Xsync is only available for Apple devices, but we’re hard at work building our Android version and we expect it soon.

Xsync works by using a phone’s camera or NFC chip to make a connection with another device. Once that connection is made, photos, videos, audio files, or other types of files are sent from one phone to the other through our secure pipeline built in the cloud. There’s no limit to the file size or number of files you can send with Xsync.

We love how you don’t have to type out any email addresses or search through contacts when sending stuff, but the feature we’re most proud of is Xsync’s interoperability. There’s nothing like it out there where you don’t even need the app to use the product. Because of this feature, platforms that don’t have the Xsync app, like Windows Phone and Blackberry, can still use Xsync to receive files from the people around them. The only thing anybody needs to receive files from Xsync, is a device capable of reading QR codes.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

Bryan: I love the freedom of entrepreneurship, the creative process, and problem solving. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest spending my summers in the outdoors and exploring our beautiful national parks. Entrepreneurship is an adventure that is similar to climbing a mountain, where you know where you want to go, but you have no idea what the elements are going to throw at you along the way. I’ve always been comfortable with uncertainty and flexible enough to change course when the unexpected happens.

MO: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the development process and how did you overcome them?

Bryan: We’re a small team and so our resources have been limited from the beginning. Additionally, my co-founder and I decided we wanted to bootstrap our company for as long as possible. Luckily, we’ve managed to bootstrap everything so far and continue along as planned. However, the lack of outside investment has limited our speed in building our product. To supplement, we bring on folks for specific projects and that has worked well.

Another challenge we continue to face is the challenge of not knowing what we don’t know. New things are constantly coming up and so building out a mentor network has been critical. I continue to reach out and try to meet everyone I can who is involved in our space. New perspectives from other people are always valuable.

MO: Can you expand on how you’re make the user experience better while still maintaining full interoperability with any smart device?

Bryan: Maintaining full interoperability with any smart device is our bread and butter. We start from there and build the user experience around that need. To maintain interoperability, we know we have to use QR codes, because that is the feature that permits interoperability. Beyond that, we do what we can to identify who our users are and get into their frame of mind, but building the user experience is an iterative process because we’re wrong most of the time. The only way to improve user experience is through testing. We build it on paper, test it with people, and then go back to the drawing board to make it better. We didn’t do this initially and it cost us, but we’ve learned and we do it now. We’re currently redesigning Xsync and are expecting a brand new version to

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