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“…as a consumer we are always looking to purchase the best brand named products at the lowest possible price.”

Adam Berkowitz is the CEO and Co-Founder of a New York based company called StocknGo.com. Adam and his business partner Jonathan Webb have based their online business on having the lowest possible prices on their products. Adam has been featured in SELF Magazine, MarthaStewart.com, Metro NY, Boston and Philadelphia, Woman’s World, All You, For All Women, and Internet Retailer. StocknGo.com is being recognized as Internet Retailers 2012 Hot 100 Retail Websites.

StocknGo.com is an online store to help everyone shop and find great deals. It provides their customers with brand name products at affordable and convenient prices. It was featured on ABC7 in October for having secret deals on Halloween related products. Within this year StocknGo.com plans to expand to Canada and creating a mobile site and a rewards program. This website is a great place for moms, dads, college kids and businesses to buy in bulk and save money without the hassle of going to the store. Reseller like corner stores, independent grocery and drug stores often shop at StocknGo.com.

 Adam Berkowitz, StocknGo - CEO & Co-Founder

MO: Have you always been passionate about the retail business and helping the average Joe? Where did the idea for creating this website come from?

Adam: Yes, as a consumer we are always looking to purchase the best brand named products at the lowest possible price. With the explosion of warehouse stores like Costco that focus on selling products in bulk at discounted prices we wanted to leverage and take that approach to another level. We wanted to focus on selling the best products at the guaranteed lowest prices and then offering our customers additional quantity discounts as well as free shipping and no tax in any state except NY.

MO: How do you manage to have the lowest prices and still be financial successful?

Adam: Our mission is to build a long-term loyal customer base. We have shifted advertising budget towards discounting items. We would rather save our customer’s money and hope they tell their friends about the great deals they found at www.stockngo.com.

MO: How did you grow your website to where it is today in just under a year and a half.

Adam: By focusing on providing our customer’s with top name brands and products at the lowest possible price while providing fast shipping with stellar customer service. We found by keeping our customer’s happy they come back and invite others to shop with stockngo.com.

MO: Starting a business in retail is hard but harder in a struggling economy. What were some obstacles you faced while trying to launch your website and while trying to keep it going?

Adam: Obstacles are things that we expect to encounter along the way. Our team’s experience and knowledge has given us a leg up in avoiding negative circumstances, however, when we encounter them we act swiftly and make changes to prevent them in the future. Nothing we have encountered to date is a showstopper. Where there is a will, there is a way and we are focused on solutions that will best support our customers, vendors and our business. Win-Win-Win.

MO: What type of research did you do before starting your business? Did you ever get mixed signals about starting it?

Adam: My business partner Jonathan Webb and I have been in business together for close to 15 years. Our previous business helped Fortune 500 companies set up their online and ecommerce businesses. So we have extensive experience in creating winning businesses online as well as a strong support network to help us accomplish our goals. Like any other business or category there is always competition and challenges. We feel that our brand, service, value proposition and internal attitude will empower us to succeed. Failure is not an option. We have a strong very scalable infrastructure that will continue to support our ever-growing business. We will make mistakes and learn from them, however, we believe our operational, technical and category knowledge and research has put us in a strong position to succeed.

MO: You are a very successful man with a very successful business. What advice do you have and what are some tricks you learned along the way?

Adam: Stay focused, determined and true to your business. The most important thing you can do is keep your customers, employees and vendors happy. Establishing trusting and honest relationships with these three groups will be instrumental and will mean the difference between success and failure. You are only as good as your team.

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