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Catalyst’s goal of bringing high quality and transparent supplements to the world seemed most attainable by using the internet as our selling platform.

Catalyst Nutrition is a new, online supplement provider founded by up-and-coming entrepreneurs Ethan Holcomb, Gavin Otte and Ira Holcomb. With a vast knowledge in fitness, Team Catalyst designed a line of supplements with quality ingredients to help customers reach their goals at every stage. Plus, they taste great! Learn more about these eager entrepreneurs and how they plan to change the fitness world through transparency and great tasting supplements. 

Business Interviews: Where did the idea for Catalyst come from? What inspired you to launch an online fitness supplement store?

Team Catalyst: We love pursuing healthy lifestyles and working out. From lifting weights to cardio, we love it all. After years of challenging ourselves physically and growing our knowledge of fitness, we believed we could improve the supplement market by providing a higher-quality product. From there, we started brainstorming and Catalyst was born! The definition for Catalyst is: ‘A substance with the ability to increase the rate of a reaction‘. We want our products to be a healthy and safe catalyst for our customers workout regimens. 

Once we began developing the formulas for our supplements, we knew we needed an innovative way to get our products into our customer’s hands. The Internet allows for the largest and most efficient reach for sharing new information and products. Our goal of bringing hight quality supplements and transparent labeling to the world seemed most attainable by using the Internet as our selling platform.

Business Interviews: Explain Catalyst‘s core value and mission. What makes you different from other supplement suppliers?

Team Catalyst: Our core value and mission is to provide truly effective products and sharing our knowledge with our consumers why they are effective. By providing this information we hope to shed light on the lack of integrity in the industry. 

Business Interviews: How do you measure success for Catalyst? How do you hope consumers will measure their own personal success while using your products?
Team Catalyst: Success for Catalyst is to positively effect a customer’s health by helping them reach their personal goals. Not only do we want to help people reach their fitness aspirations with our products, but we hope to educate them too. If we can teach users the truth about the ingredients in the majority of the products they currently take, then we can start to raise the standard for our industry. Health and safety first! 
We understand everyone’s road to a healthy lifestyle is different. Plus, your fitness goals may not be your buddy’s goals, or your mom’s or the person benching next to you at the gym, but our hope is by using Catalyst our consumers come closer to achieving their goals, rep by rep
Business Interviews: You guys are young. How has your age helped you grow your business quickly? What are some lessons you’ve learned
Team Catalyst: Being young has allowed us to quickly adapt to a constantly changing market. Our hope is to combine our knowledge of the industry, technology and fitness to help our customers make healthy choices.
We have also learned  there is more than one way to overcome any obstacle. Being a small business, we must be creative and utilize different resources to build something unique, solve problems and evolve strategy. 
Business Interviews: As Catalyst grows, what do you hope will remain the same? What do you hope to be the biggest change?
Team Catalyst: As we grow, our mission of positively influencing as many people as we can will never change. At Catalyst, we see each person’s fitness goals as unique and therefore, we need to work to provide the right experience and education course for them.
We want to continue building our reach to help shape the landscape of the fitness industry as well. All too often those new to the gym, especially to the weight room, don’t feel confident in their abilities. We want to help newcomers feel the confidence to ‘go for it’ because of the knowledge Catalyst has provided.
Business Interviews: Have there been any unexpected opportunities since launching your brand? 
Team Catalyst: Having members of the community and fitness influencers support Catalyst have been exciting opportunities! Dr. Rick Lehman and Dr. Chris Waranch are dedicated to health and fitness, we’re honored to have them on ‘Team Catalyst’.
Business Catalyst: Catalyst‘s fitness formulas are unique? Explain how they are different from other supplement brands.
Team Catalyst: Catalyst’s focus on using scientifically proven ingredients and doses, along with our willingness to not use proprietary blends sets us apart from other supplement brands. Plus, they’re delicious!  
Business Interviews: What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?
Team Catalyst: If you have a vision of what you want your business to be, then start implementing those ideas in your personal lifestyle. It won’t be easy and you won’t have the same path as everyone else, but over time you will become who you want to be and so will your business. 
Business Interviews: How will your fitness and supplement expertise help consumers solve problems?
Team Catalyst: We help consumers solve their problems by providing science-based information and quality products. By growing our brand and credibility in the fitness industry,  we hope to be immediately thought of as a reliable source for healthy supplements.
Business Interviews: What’s on the horizon for Catalyst?
Team Catalyst: We intend to grow our brand into a full supplement line, reaching all corners of the industry and help athletes, power lifters and fitness enthusiasts rise above.

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