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At Stay Home Instead, our goal is to create mobility remodeling solutions allowing seniors to stay in their home and keep their independence.

Today, Business Interviews is featuring Chuck Dobbins with Stay Home Instead. Stay Home Instead is an innovative home mobility solutions contracting service dedicated to creating safe environments for those desiring to age in place or stay in their home.

Business Interviews: Since founding Stay Home Instead, how has your business impacted and changed the lives of the people you work with?

Chuck Dobbins: We are very fortunate to work in a business where we often see an immediate, positive impact on the lives of our client’s with mobility needs.

We often hear the words “safety” and “independence” when someone describes how they feel about the modifications we have made to their home. Fall prevention and access to most areas of a client’s home are the two most common things resulting from well designed home safety modifications.  

Business Interviews: As an entrepreneur and businessman, what are some tips you could give budding entrepreneurs across the state of Missouri?

Chuck Dobbins: I think it is important to research an opportunity before fully committing. Make sure you have the information you need to make a good decision, maybe think about investing time and a little money to explore the new venture. This step is small price to pay when compared to jumping-in with all of your time and financial resources.

Business Interviews: What inspired you to start a business like Stay Home Instead?

Chuck Dobbins: A lot of builders and contractors are creating facilities for seniors to relocate, not improving their current home. These facilities are built to serve residents with accessibility needs, however studies show most people would rather stay home instead of going to an assisted living space, nursing home or a new place of residence.

There are a handful of companies specializing in the home modification products, design expertise and construction know-how needed to offer comprehensive accessibility solutions. Because Stay Home Instead focuses solely on accessibility modification and remodeling projects, we can offer all of the support needed to allow our clients to live safely and independently in their home.

Simply put, we founded Stay Home Instead because we saw a need for safe, mobility remodeling solutions for seniors and our team stepped-up to meet the demand.

Business Interviews: Can you explain the core reasons why someone should consider your services like grab bar installation, slide-in showers, ramps and more?

Chuck Dobbins: We tackle small projects like installing grab bars, medium size jobs like stairlifts and larger jobs like wheelchair ramps, walk-in showers, and bathroom remodels. All of these projects require proper design, product selection and installation to ensure safety and accessibility for the user. We believe it is important to specialize in the accessibility market in order to provide the expertise to serve individuals with these type of needs.

At Stay Home Instead, our goal is to create mobility remodeling solutions allowing seniors to stay in their home and keep their independence.

Business Interviews: Are you noticing any recent trends with mobility remodeling solutions?

Chuck Dobbins: Yes! Thousands of new products are being introduced into the home accessibility market each year. It is good to have more product options to address mobility needs, but the number of product choices can be overwhelming. At Stay Home Instead, our team has the experience and training needed to provide the right solution to solve any safety issues or mobility concerns for our clients.

Business Interviews: How does your remodeling and contracting expertise help your clients solve problems and remain safe in their homes?

Chuck Dobbins: Our design team has provided solutions for thousand of mobility projects. Our expertise is helpful when selecting the proper products and placement for our client, as we can offer a wide-variety of recommendations. The Stay Home Instead remodelers and installers are factory trained and have years of remodeling experience.

Plus, Stay Home Instead is fully insured with the Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) certification. Our clients can count on us to provide everything they need to stay home.

Business Interviews: When you take on a new client, what is your process for finding the right mobility solution for them?

Chuck Dobbins: We evaluate the needs of the client at our initial consultation. During the meeting, we want to provide the client, their family members and caregivers with the assurance of our dedication to their safety while they age in place.

We ask many key questions in order to determine the right course of action fitting their needs and budget. The information gathered from an in-home evaluation gives our team unique insight on how to solve the client’s problems and provide an individualized solution.

Business Interviews: What should every child know about how to help their parents ‘age in place’?

Chuck Dobbins: We greatly value and appreciate the input provided by our client’s children and loved-ones. Unfortunately, some are often in a state of denial in regards to their need of home accessibility improvements. The caring eyes of a family member often identify safety needs not easily recognized by the person in need.

I would encourage a child of an aging parent to be prepared to have some hard conversations. They should be ready to addresses difficult feelings of control and independence with gentleness and respect. Keep in mind – although the child is stepping into the role of caregiver, the client is their parent and still see themselves as their kid’s mother and/or father.

Four Tips for Children of Aging Parents:

  • Remain respectful
  • Listen to their ideas and concerns
  • Avoid language implying they can’t do things on their own
  • Support them when they make a choice for help

Business Interviews: What’s on the horizon for Stay Home Instead?

Chuck Dobbins: We want to be a one-stop-solution for people with home accessibility needs. My goal is for Stay Home Instead to increase its reach across boundaries and grow to support more people in need of home mobility solutions.

Business Interviews: What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Chuck Dobbins: Do what you love. Following this advice will help drive you through the many challenges faced when building a business.

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