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“We want our customers to feel respected, not cheated.”

Jim Bassett is the Senior Project Manager of PocketCake, the next-generation mobile app development company. PocketCake’s newest game, “LavaCat,” is set to launch for Android on July 27th. You can connect with PocketCake on Facebook and Google+

MO: Please tell us about PocketCake. What do you do, and what is your mission?

Jim: Founded in November 2012, PocketCake is a next-generation mobile app development company that creates apps for gaming, social networking, entertainment, and education. Our apps are of the highest quality, and technical support will always be a priority.

I’m PocketCake’s general manager. My mission is to develop high-quality apps that are enjoyable to use and appropriate for all ages and demographics.

MO: You have said PocketCake represents the “noble developer.” What do you mean by this?

Jim: We want to have a chivalrous relationship with our customers. We want our customers to feel respected, not cheated.

MO: What makes your games different than other mobile developers’? How are you giving power back to the player?

Jim: Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do. Games will undergo extensive trial testing to fix bugs and perfect everything well before apps launch. Updates will arrive regularly and be free. For us, outsourcing is a curse word.

MO: Does PocketCake have any exciting releases coming up?

Jim: Yes! “LavaCat” is set for a July 27th release on Android. An action game, “LavaCat” combines agility and strategy. Each level requires perfect timing when sprinting or jumping, as well as accurate decision-making on how to get treats. Power-ups include pajamas that are immune to lava, big paws that deflect falling rocks, and a supercape that defies gravity. This fall, we’ll be releasing “MultiverseCat,” a co-op shooter that will break new ground in the mobile app industry.

MO: Who does “LavaCat” appeal to, and what makes the game so much fun?

Jim: “LavaCat” appeals to all ages and demographics. The game has a cuteness factor — you can’t help but love the main character and want him to succeed at all costs — and a smooth learning curve. Most people won’t have too much trouble getting through the first few levels. It’s the later levels that will be demanding. The game will also have an industry first: if an obstacle trips you up, you will be able to rewind time a full 10 seconds.

MO: What does the future of this game franchise look like?

Jim: “LavaCat” is one part of a saga. Stay tuned for “MultiverseCat,” “CurtainCat,” and “CastleCat.”

MO: What are you most excited about for the future of PocketCake?

Jim: I think I’m most excited to see people enjoying our apps, standing in line, at the bus stop, or relaxing after a long day at work.

Be sure to follow LavaCat as the journey begins July 27th, 2013. Connect with PocketCake on Facebook and Twitter.

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