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I believe as humans, we are considered high-level organisms, and we should possess the power of regeneration equivalent to our level of superiority in nature.

Kevin Xu is the CEO of MEBO International, a California- and Beijing-based intellectual property management company specializing in applied health systems. He also leads Skingenix, which specializes in skin organ regeneration and the research and development of botanical drug products.

BusinessInterviews.com: You and your company specialize in regenerative science. Can you define that term?

Kevin Xu: Regenerative science harnesses and utilizes the regenerative potential of an organism (human or animal) to achieve restoration of the body after damage, senescent, or injury.

BusinessInterviews.com: You’ve said that regeneration is “an in situ ability we carry from birth.” What stands in the way of accessing it? Why can’t we regrow limbs like a starfish?

Kevin Xu: Compare it to a scenario when people attempt to cultivate agriculture. For a plant to eventually grow, it requires many essential components, such as water, sunlight, soil, etc., with a specific metric range of needs. Missing any one of these will not activate the growing process of the plant, and it is the same for the regeneration. If any of the essential components are missing, our bodies will not activate the regenerative process to restore. Instead, it will activate an alternative recovery method, such as scar formation.

BusinessInterviews.com: How does regeneration, as you envision and research it, work? Can you talk about some of the clinical trials and studies your company has done on regeneration?

Kevin Xu: Our company began with my father’s work. My father’s focus on clinical regenerative science began 30 years ago in China. He discovered the secret that human beings hold the potential of body regeneration through his early research and clinical studies on deep third-degree burn patients. Perhaps, in the “Eight Five” plan of Chinese national policy of development, such methodology of burn treatment was promoted to suburban and rural areas. In other words, people with deep third-degree burns could recover without skin grafts or scar formation, and full-thickness skin was completely restored. That work demonstrated the standardization of regeneration.

BusinessInterviews.com: How does the kind of regenerative science you’re championing differ from popularized stem cell research?

Kevin Xu: Our regenerative science has a major prospective difference from the popularized stem cell research because we did not impose or induce any feature of the regeneration directly within the organism. We provided all the essential components, and we acknowledged that the body has what it needs for regeneration. We allowed the body to take charge of the entire regenerative process, and we orchestrated all the related activity while we played the a role of “assistant.”

BusinessInterviews.com: What, for you, is the most promising application of regenerative science?

Kevin Xu: The most promising application of regenerative science is that humans can fully unlock the regenerative potential within themselves, which is not limited to the skin or the gastrointestinal system; it works for all organ systems. I believe as humans, we are considered high-level organisms, and we should possess the power of regeneration equivalent to our level of superiority in nature.

BusinessInterviews.com: Why did you decide to get into the biotech world? What about it inspires you?

Kevin Xu: I decided to get into the biotech world because of my father, even though he passed away at a young age. In his 57 years of living, he was a mission-driven person, and I grew up under his influence and with the feeling of responsibility to carry on his humanitarian efforts to save more people.

BusinessInterviews.com: What do you think the next major development in biotech will be?

Kevin Xu: I think the next major development in biotech will be a huge phenomenon of researchers shifting their directions backward and restarting from the basics in order to change their perspectives of the old theory and come up with new perspectives on mechanism study.

BusinessInterviews.com: What is a common misconception about your work or biotech in general that you’d like to correct?

Kevin Xu: To me, there are many misconceptions in the biotech field, which could cause a huge waste of time, money, and effort in terms of the misunderstanding. I think one thing I want to correct is the awareness of ideological differences. People with different backgrounds will have ideological differences; therefore, their understanding of terms based on connotation or annotation will be different, so they have to find a more standardized and transparent ideology.

BusinessInterviews.com: In your ideal future, what does the world of medicine, treatment, and biotechnology look like? Do you think that future is attainable?

Kevin Xu: In my ideal future, our current understanding and application of medicine, treatment, and biotechnology will all be reformed and reestablished based on the human regenerative potential. That will mean that science will be able to use the full spectrum of all the potential power the human body has to perform regeneration. That potential will help us achieve the cures for severe injury or chronic illness. Then, we can approach our current medication system to help solve the problems that the human body can’t solve itself.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s an invention that you wish would hurry up and get here?

Kevin Xu: One of the inventions that I would like to come up with is anything that would improve efficiency when cultivating the human body to regenerate. Such a device would save the cultivator a lot of work.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s one fun activity that you do in addition to running your business?

Kevin Xu: My hobby is studying astrology. I like to find out all the zodiac signs of other successful entrepreneurs who made big decisions or had a great impact. I like to read their horoscopes and consider what contributed to their thought processes. From there, I try to find some pattern to their decision-making.

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