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“Find the opportunity out there that drives you and brings out your passion.”

Brollytime Inc is an innovative product development company started in 2012 that produces the Brolly rain umbrella, the first rain umbrella that enables you to text/email in the rain. At Brollytime Inc., we enjoy transforming everyday products into cutting edge inventions that broaden peoples’ horizons.

Greg Edson started Brollytime Inc in 2012 to help transform an industry that has experienced a standstill in innovation. Prior to founding Brollytime Inc., Greg worked for Fortune 500 advertising and online marketing firms in New York City and Chicago. Greg is very passionate about finding new and unique opportunities and taking them from ideas to finished products/services.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for Brollytime?

Greg: I came up with the Brolly umbrella after being frustrated with other rain umbrellas in the marketplace. Most rain umbrellas have uncomfortable grips that can slip out of your hand on wet and windy days. As such, I created the Brolly to provide a secure and comfortable hold that is second to none.

MO: Can you talk about the development process from having the initial concept to getting it to market? What early challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Greg: The initial challenges we faced was finding a design company to help us turn our idea from concept to prototype. We found that by working with a design firm close by that it made the collaboration on the umbrella design and functionality that much easier. Once we had the prototype in place, the biggest challenge was finding a manufacturer that we could trust to mass produce our product in a cost-effective manner and with strong attention to detail.

MO: What does your current marketing strategy look like? How much of it is going to be focused on various social media channels?

Greg: Our current marketing strategy is focused on search engine optimization, PPC campaigns and public relations efforts. These are three areas that we can control and manage our spending on. We have found that once you get press, it helps breed more press and then from there, it’s your responsibility to keep the wheel moving.

MO: Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

Greg: Yes, I have been an entrepreneur since a very young age. I can remember going to sleep-a-way camp as a kid and giving my parents money to take home on visiting day, as I often had the camp counselors working for me.

MO: How do you keep your business focus – Do you have any suggestions for entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times and trying to do it all themselves?

Greg: My biggest advice would be to never give up and just find a different angle to take. Sometimes you feel like you have tried all angles, but when you least expect it, a new angle will arise and can offer you a great opportunity.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Greg: The most exciting thing for me personally has been my recent marriage to my beautiful bride Sara. And, from a professional standpoint, it would have to be just my optimism that we will soon see the Brolly umbrella available in retail stores everywhere. I love seeing a person’s face light up when they hold the Brolly and can’t wait to see that on a mass scale.


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