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As a commercial broker since 2006, I felt Columbia Real Estate was a great fit for my business philosophy: aggressive, progressive and customer-driven.

Landon Albertson has worked in commercial real estate for nearly two decades. In 2015, he joined the Columbia Real Estate team as the commercial real estate broker. Using his commercial real estate experience and mid-Missouri connections, he has quickly become the go-to commercial realtor in Columbia, MO.

Today, we sat down with this emerging commercial real estate leader to learn more about his area of expertise.

Business Interviews: What motivated you to join Columbia Real Estate and launch a commercial real estate division?

Albertson: As a commercial broker since 2006, I felt Columbia Real Estate was a great fit for my business philosophy:  aggressive, progressive and customer-driven.

Business Interviews: With Columbia Real Estate predominantly focused on residential real estate, was the transition difficult to lead the formation of the commercial division?

Albertson: Not at all. Columbia Real Estate had already made a name for itself as a top firm. By adding the commercial division, it created a service to the residential agents who had clients inquiring about commercial real estate.

Business Interviews: Most of us understand that you can represent either buyer or seller of tangible, commercial properties. What are some of the other areas in the commercial real estate arena you help with?  

Albertson: A lot of people think about buying and selling physical commercial properties, but I actually do a lot more than just buying and selling. I help place commercial clients that need to lease space in ideal locations for their company. I also work on land development with clients.  

Business Interviews: Are there any competitive advantages you have versus other commercial brokers?

Albertson: Not only do I have 10 years of real estate experience, but also I have over 10 years of experience in the commercial lending sector. This helps me discuss real estate with my clients and actually put the entire deal together.

I feel like my experience with development and sales can help me structure any deal for my clients. I also have pocket listings, and by that I mean I know people who have unlisted commercial real estate to sell. These deals often present a greater opportunity for my clients.

Business Interviews: Are there any common myths about the commercial real estate that simply aren’t true?

Albertson: I’m not sure myths would be the correct word, but a lot of people don’t realize I can represent them in the purchase of any property.  It doesn’t have to be “my” listing with Commercial Real Estate. I can represent the buyer and help negotiate the purchase or lease of any commercial property throughout Columbia—or across Missouri, for that matter.

Business Interviews: What excites you about the Columbia MO market?    

Albertson: The fact that this area is projected to grow in population by 26 percent over the next year is an encouraging statistic for anyone in the residential or commercial real estate area.  

Columbia Real Estate is located in Columbia MO and is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in the mid-Missouri area — it has quadrupled in size since 2013.   

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