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Adam Strong

Hey there! I’m Adam Strong and I’m an entrepreneurial addict.
I just can’t stop buying, building, and partnering to create new opportunities. I’ve always had the bug. As a kid, I bought and sold baseball cards, mowed lawns and even collected aluminum cans from neighbors to earn money.

I started my first “real” business in 1997, a boutique web design and development company. While working for clients on web design projects, I discovered opportunities in the domain name space. As an independent domain broker since 2000, I have bought and sold over $10 million dollars in domain names.

Over the last 10 years I have helped to create and launch several other businesses related to the domain space including a domain name news website, a domain registrar and a domain consulting service. My most recent project is Logo.com , a full-service graphic design company providing business logo design, web design and illustration services and more.

Projects I’m currently involved with :

Logo.com – a full service graphic design company providing logo design, web design and other graphical services for businesses.

DomainNameNews.com – a news and information site focused on the domain
name space

DomainGuardians.com – a domain name registrar that provides a unique service in the space, a service for owners to protect highly valuable domain name assets.

Strong, Inc – provides domain name management, online advertising and lead generation services through direct navigation internet traffic

Disruptive Media – focuses on building compelling web content and services that change the online media landscape

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