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MO.com welcomes Johns Wu as a partner

We are excited to announce Johns Wu has become a partner at MO.com and will be involved with our efforts to build MO.com into a destination website for entrepreneurs. Johns was a past interview subject on MO.com where we discussed his home run with Bankaholic.com, a website he built and later sold for $15 million.

Johns will be using MO.com …

Michael Konrad – Founder of Screen Assist

Michael Konrad


Michael, can you give a little more detail on the services and products Screen Assist offers and what types of organizations tend to look for your services?

Michael Konrad:

Screen Assist offers all types of consumer reports in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FCRA defines a consumer report as any written, oral or other communication of any information by …

Johns Wu – Founder, Developer, Sole Employee, and eventual Seller of Bankaholic.com

Founder, Developer, Sole Employee, and eventual Seller of Bankaholic.com, a consumer banking portal, to Bankrate, Inc.

October 2008.

For nearly $15 Million.


From his LinkedIn profile:

“Retired Internet Marketer”

Before his 23rd Birthday.

If you’re an Internet entrepreneur or giving real thought to chasing that brass ring, the success achieved by Johns Wu, in less than 3 years, is the story that will keep you awake …

Pete Mayer – Founder of FoamFit Tools

Pete Mayer FoamFit Tools

Custom designed organizers for your tools


If you have the entrepreneur blood running through your veins, chances are at some point you have considered creating and manufacturing your own product to sell. By creating the product and producing it yourself, you have the opportunity to control quality, cost, pricing, and margins more than if you are acting as a “middle-man” …

Meet Our New Writers

We are pleased to welcome the new contributors to the MO.com efforts.

Kevin Ohashi of Ohashi Media

Jim Guthrie of Percival Rock

Kevin and Jim will be the crew primarily responsible for writing our entrepreneur interviews. You can read more about the unique backgrounds each bring to the process, by visiting our new "Meet Our Writers" …

Jamie Stephens – Founder of Bookd.com

Jamie Stephens Founder of Bookd.com

Bookd.com is an online system designed to help businesses, both big and small, market and book their services. Book’d aims to simplify these everyday processes. From the “About Us” section on bookd.com, Jamie also explains:

“Book'd is more than just a Website for your services. It also has a powerful administration area that allows you to manage all your …

Aaron Patzer of Mint.com Talks to CNET about Branding

An article at CNET yesterday, interviewing the founder of Mint.com, put a smile on my face for the rest of the day...   OK, I admit it.  I tend to smile a lot, but nonetheless, it was a very interesting read.

Aaron Patzer, who sold Mint.com for a reported $170 million last year to Intuit, about the importance of the name when …

Scott Hastings – PrivateSuites.com

Scott Hastings Founder of PrivateSuites.com

A person considering whether or not to start a business often hears advice from others to “follow your passion.” In many cases, the building of a business is itself the entrepreneur’s passion. However, there are those times when the passion to build a business can meet with other things an entrepreneur is passionate about. When I owned …

Entrepreneur Ira Zoot – Founder of Ticketstub.com

Ira Zoot Founder of TicketStub.com

What I have come to know in 46 years:

- Have a friend with a pool
- Have a friend with a boat
- Have a friend that can get good tickets!

Meet my friend Ira from Ticketstub.com

The ticket industry looks pretty straightforward from the outside looking in, but spend some time trying to navigate the inner sanctum as you write your business …

Entrepreneur Jeff Edelman – Student.com

Jeff Edelman Founder of Student.com

Jeff Edelman


Based in New York

Entrepreneur Jeff Edelman - Founder of Student.com

If you want to read about the evolution of a great social website for students, be certain to check out the history of Student.com here:


I think this is a great read on how something that started “very, very small, with not much content” can evolve into a …

Bruce Marler – Show Me The Entrepreneur

Bruce Marler Founder of Missouri.me

Bruce Marler

LocalTek, LLC




Show Me The Entrepreneur

Spending most of my day online, I communicate with folks from all over the world via email and online forums. The Internet has truly made the world smaller by opening the lines of communication like never before. But every now and then... ya …

Entrepreneur Raymond Troy – The Nuclear Entrepreneur

Raymond Troy Founder of NineAPair.com

Raymond Troy

Selling Sunglasses online at:

Nine A Pair

Based in Columbia, MO

The Nuclear Entrepreneur

When meeting a group of business minded people for the first time, you often get a sense of who in the group might have that super heated passion to launch, thrive, and succeed in business. I got that impression very quickly from Ray when listening …

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