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“… to help companies release higher quality software at the rate their customers demand — all while improving internal team communication and collaboration. “

Our roots in software development and testing run deep — spanning 20 years and two countries — the US and Vietnam. We’ve experienced first-hand the many process and workflow changes that have opened up new development opportunities — not least of which is the Agile methodology.

Vu Lam and Josh Lieberman — two long-time friends and co-workers — started QASymphony in 2011 with a single mission in mind: to help companies release higher quality software at the rate their customers demand — all while improving internal team communication and collaboration. We embraced Agile from Day 1, and created innovative ways for companies and their teams to succeed in an Agile world.
Because we’re a team of testers and developers at heart, we believe in listening to each and every customer and adapting to fit their needs. We work hard to continuously evolve our products so our customers can be better, faster and more efficient at what they do.

BusinessInterviews.com: Do you have any recent success stories that you’d like to share with our readers?

Reed Gusmus: QASymphony has earned quite a bit of acclaim in recent months, including several awards given in recognition of our digital marketing practices. While we have earned a number of awards and have been nominated as finalists for several others, we are all especially proud of the 2016 Tag Excalibur Award we earned during the TAG awards ceremony at the Georgia Aquarium. This particular award involves rigorous criteria that is given to businesses who leverage technology to solve complex business problems and challenges.

Our ability to leverage data and analytics using tools like Bizible and FullCircle Insights allowed us to gain 100% visibility into ‘what’s working and what’s not’, which lead to Marketing sourcing over 80% of new business revenue in 2016, compared to 10% in 2015. We are also proud of winning the 2016 ON24 Best On-Demand Webinar Performance. This particular award involves meeting rigorous criteria that includes a review of the total post-webinar engagement and interactivity levels generated by the webinar as well as the design, branding, format, and, of course, the overall social media response from the webinar.

BusinessInterviews.com: What issue does your core product help solve and how so?

Reed Gusmus: In the world of software development, companies today are trying to move faster to meet the customer’s ever-changing needs and stay ahead of the competition. However, in many companies, there’s a big gap between the desire to move fast, and the people, processes and tools required to make that a reality. That’s where the qTest platform comes into play, purpose built to help Agile development teams significantly improve speed, efficiency and collaboration throughout the software testing process.

The qTest platform boasts a Swiss army knife set of software testing tools, including a test management platform that integrates with JIRA and other automation tools, reporting and real-time test metrics and a tool that automatically documents exploratory and session based testing. These tools help testing and development teams centralize, organize and gain an increased level of transparency into data during the testing needed to deliver high quality software at the speed of Agile.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you/your Company?

Reed Gusmus: The future is bright and we plan to continue to differentiate our product and be differentiated in the fact that we provide a suite of software testing, test metrics and test management tools, rather than a point solution. Going into the future, QASymphony will continue to accept trends and build products on trends that we see in the market around increasing automation, testing and increased collaboration across development, testing and operations as it relates to software quality. We want to embrace what development and testing teams are doing with Agile and help them have better solutions for to compliment agile development.

BusinessInterviews.com: Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?

Reed Gusmus: I do consider myself successful but also will say that my success has been through rigorous persistence in trying and failing, learning from my mistakes and having the courage to keep moving. I’ve worked hard over the last 6 years to perfect my skills and craft with digital marketing to become high achiever. I recognize that if I’m not continually getting better, I’m getting worse. Reading, listening to podcasts and attending industry conferences help ensure my long term success as a marketing professional.

When it comes to measuring success, there isn’t one answer, but the correct answer is that myself and the company’s leadership team have to agree on what success looks like for the investments we make in marketing. This means outlining success and the metrics required to achieve it, collaborating on what those metrics are for myself and the organization and setting expectations for achieving them. This acts as a contract with the company can helps me align and get on the same page with leadership.

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