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“… I could create opportunities for other photographers I have grown to know locally by allowing them to display their work in my studio. That has proved to be especially rewarding.”

California-based photographer Rocco Basile has made himself well known for his captivating photojournalism. Originally from New York, he spent his early years living in four of the five boroughs. Those locations he called home armed him with a unique opportunity to soak in the city’s wide array of art and culture. Of particular interest to him were frequent outings to museums and art galleries, which were heavily encouraged by his mother. The variety of sights and sounds of the city laid the foundation for his photography style.

Later on, after moving to California and graduating from the MFA program at the California Institute of the Arts, Rocco Basile began his own self titled business, Rocco Basile Photography. At his studio based in Southern California, he hosts exhibits to showcase his own work. In addition, he actively invites local artists to participate in his shows. It is his belief that by doing so he opens opportunities for others to receive the same exposure that led to his success.

In his spare time, Rocco Basile can be found exercising his adept landscape painting skills. Additionally, he partakes in routine physical activity involving biking and hiking.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to launch your business?

Rocco Basile: I am grateful to have experienced much success from freelance opportunities. The work I did for various clients acted as a springboard for me to think about having my own solid business. Of course, I was hesitant at first. I think that is a natural expectation for anyone taking the leap to start their own business. I knew I wanted to support my work better by branding myself. I also believed that I could create opportunities for other photographers I have grown to know locally by allowing them to display their work in my studio. That has proved to be especially rewarding.

BusinessInterviews.com: Do you consider yourself successful and by what means do you measure success?

Rocco Basile: I do consider myself successful. Although, there was a time where I did not. It was a perspective that took many years to adjust to even if I knew it was true. I used to measure my success according to others’ achievements. I was quite susceptible to comparing myself to everyone. I would even say completing my degree was in part of trying to match the success I perceived in the people I knew. What I eventually learned to accept was that there is only one me. It sounds cheesy, but it is true. There is one me and I have my own path. My path does not need to follow the same milestones as others. My milestones are up to me to create and achieve. I believe that is how I measure success now.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs and business owners? What do you wish someone told you?

Rocco Basile: At times it is hard to see myself as a business owner still. I suppose it is because it all stems from a genuine love for what I do. I would say that is probably the key aspect to have for a successful startup and ensuring longevity. Even if there are hurdles to tackle sometime down the road, if you retain the passion and determination you had at the beginning, you will overcome all obstacles.

Advice I wish someone told me would be more on the financial side of starting up a business. It can be daunting to deal with money related matters. If someone advised me to even take an intro to small business management course, I would have had a smoother start overall.

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