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“Be true to yourself, your vision, and your dream”.

Toneal Jackson believes that you have what it takes to shine. She also understands that some people need a little extra help, and thus, Toneal’s To-Dos Personal Development Consulting was born. Toneal’s To-Dos offers a wide range of services geared toward helping individuals and organizations succeed.
Toneal is an entrepreneur, author, mother, and currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Organizational …

“…if it’s an ongoing enterprise and it’s out there, that was number one to us because clearly there was revenue coming in.”

Hey everyone, I'm Mike Sullivan. This is MO.com. Joining me today is Champe Granger. Champe has quite a diverse entrepreneurial background. She owns two Grease Monkey franchises, as well as an interior design business.

Champe, thanks for joining me today and let me start off with this question. You really have no background or interest in cars. What inspired you to …

“The interesting thing about my approach is that it is scientifically fact based and it’s evidence based. Most team building is not and yet most companies resort to the stereotypical team building of which there is no evidence that it has any impact upon team performance.”

This is Taylor Sparks of the Raleigh-Durham MO.com, where we feature small business owners and entrepreneurs to bring you, hints, tips, insights, and perspectives on what it takes to be successful. Joining us today is Jim Morgan, Founder of Team Trainers Consulting.  Founded in June of 2000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company is currently based out of Raleigh, NC …

“don’t succumb to the “sexy” appeal of social media marketing, thinking it is the next big thing for your marketing. Social media can be a great part of a well planned marketing strategy – but only if it fits in as a logical tactic.”

Henri Schauffler is the CEO of Focus Marketing Institute. Focus Marketing Institute has developed the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get any small business out of the financial distress they might presently be experiencing; help them get laser-focused on the highest income-producing activities for their company; and develop and then apply the fundamentals that build …

“we provide access to a built in audience interested in new brand offerings and our community giveaways provide a great social opportunity.”

Stephen Boland, Co-founder & COO of Loffles wants to make online sweepstakes easy and fun for consumers while providing brands the ability to create powerful impressions that engage consumers and influence purchasing behaviors.

The process is simple. To enter a Loffles sweepstakes, a user first selects a contest. A video advertisement related to the contest and provided by the sponsoring brand …

Startup Weekend Columbia FREE TICKET WINNERS!

MO.com is proud to be a sponsor of the coolest event happening in Mid-Missouri this weekend - Startup Weekend Columbia!
We had many submissions and these three lucky people are the winners of FREE Startup Weekend Columbia tickets!
For those of you who did not win but would still love to attend (which should be all of you!) you can go to …

What’s the one website you visit everyday?

This interview was made possible by our friends at MyCorporation. Visit MyCorporation.com, Online Incorporation, LLC, and Trademark Services.

Question: What's the one website you visit everyday?

Jim Belosic, Founder Shortstack.com
Definitely Facebook, although it's funny as a Facebook developer, I don't use Facebook the way that everyone else does anymore. I find that I'm posting fewer and fewer pictures on it and …

Match the faces and win!

Are you good at putting names with faces?  Have a look at the 5 entrepreneurs below.  The first person to correctly name these past MO.com interviewees, in the comments section of this post, will win a FREE VXI headset from VoIP Supply. Be sure to include first and last names of each entrepreneur and only respond as a comment.  No …

“…outsourcing to an expat is like adding another person to your company. You can explain a project to them in broad strokes and they can help you design it, spec it and even give you ideas about how to improve it. There’s less cross-cultural miscommunication.”

Expat Workforce is an online meeting place for businesses looking to outsource work to Americans living abroad in low cost of living countries.

Andrew Motiwalla, Founder and Interim CEO, created this company with the idea that hiring expats living in low cost of living countries offered a variety of benefits to US based companies. The site makes it easy to meet …

“The demand for daily money management services is only going to increase as Boomers retire and age, so we are taking steps now to make sure that we are in a position to capitalize on that demand.”

Christopher J. DesBarres, CFO of Help Unlimited has created a business around helping senior citizens manage their money. Help Unlimited provides daily money management services to senior citizens -- helping seniors and their families tackle day-to-day financial chores. They assist with tasks like sorting the mail, paying bills, tracking medical claims, and keeping important tax documents organized.

They are proud to …

“I saw that while there are some great innovations around monetary donations,including text-to-give and micro-project based fundraising,there was no structure around non-monetary donations or donating of goods and services.”

One of the biggest obstacles non-profits face is making it as easy as possible for people to help. Zealous Good removes all obstacles to giving! Zealous Good is a web platform that connects people that have goods or services to donate to the local non-profits with a matching need. The donation matching results in donors having a simple, efficient way …

Lendio – Making small business loans simple.

Mike: Hey everyone, it's Mike Sullivan and this is MO.com. Joining me today is Brock Blake of Lendio. He's our small business expert, and Brock is here to talk to you about small business loans. Brock, thanks a lot for joining us.

Brock: Glad to be here with you again today. We're excited about working with MO talking about small business loans. There …

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