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“…our Rule Number 1: We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy! Whenever there is any doubt about what to do in a given situation, Rule Number 1 applies.”

In an environment where the American furniture industry has dramatically declined over the past two decades, Simplicity Sofas is a refreshing change from the norm. Simplicity Sofas has introduced a blueprint for how American furniture manufacturers can survive and thrive in the current economic climate. They produce furniture through old- fashioned hand-craftsmanship and premium materials with a modern modular customization …

“For decades, consumers have been victims of a torrential onslaught of messages and had no way to talk back. The advent of social technologies online has shifted the marketing paradigm.”

Matt Peters, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Brennan White, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Pandemic Labs is NOT just another social media company. This Boston-based social media marketing agency co-founded by Matt Peters and Brennan White, is dedicated to helping brands navigate the ever-changing world of new media to create marketing success.

What makes them different is that although technology is central to many of …

“Once you’ve finished signing up, you’ll start getting one stylish clothing item in your size delivered every month to your doorstep.”

Bombfell.com tells its customers “Upgrade your look - no shopping or fashion knowledge required”. This is a great thing to hear for men considering 90% of women think guys should dress better. Bombfell's the subscription clothing service that's like having a fashion-savvy girlfriend send you stylish clothes every month. With Bombfell you can find awesome things to wear without shopping …

7 Tips for Virtual Security

Large and small business alike are moving at a rapid pace toward a remote workforce.  In many cases, it just makes good business sense.  You can have a staff around the country, or around the world for that matter and not be limited to the talent pool in your geographic area.  Technology lets us work from just about anywhere, anytime.  …

“As a young public relations student at Seton Hall University I realized that I was not looking for the same “nine to five” career path that most of my classmates were striving for.”

Peter Kelly, Co-Owner/Operator and Integrated Communication Specialist
Jeremiah Sullivan, Co-Owner/Operator and Integrated Communication Specialist

Framework Media Strategies is a unique company in that they serve small businesses, non-profit organizations and entertainment-based clients using the same bank of services. Framework Media Strategies, co-owned by Peter Kelly and Jeremiah Sullivan, specializes in helping their clients understand and capitalize on the benefits of utilizing traditional …

“Their understanding of “normal” is double digit growth, opulence and excess with no preparation or survival skills should the fundamentals of the world economy shift – which began overtly in September 2007.”

Helen Pastorino has been a real estate and business visionary in Silicon Valley for over 35 years. She was a co-founder and past-President of Alain Pinel Realtors (currently one of the highest volume real estate firms in the United States) and currently the founder and president of Pertria, a real estate investment firm representing residential, commercial and investment real estate …

“They solve cost, durability and contamination transfer problems along with a “WOW” factor that gives their manufacturers a competitive edge over traditional tactile human-machine interfaces.”

Everyone has seen holographic technology in sci-fi movies, but now because of a company created by Douglas McPheters, it’s actually here. HoloTouch, Inc. licenses its widely patented touchless, intuitive actuation and control technology for use in specific devices - they allow people to operate electronics by merely passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be the device's …

“…at the end of the day, what carries you through is really the passion for what you’re doing and your ability to inspire that passion in other people.”

Peter Derycz, Derycz Scientific - President

Derycz Scientific is a content-repurposing company based in Santa Monica, CA that, through its Subsidiaries, develops enterprise content management (ECM), workflow, and
compliance solutions for Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the life sciences.

Derycz’s business stemmed from a work-study position as a library gopher for professors. While gathering both non-scientific and science-related research for his professors, he saw the value in …

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Startup Weekend is an international organization that hosts Startup Weekends all over the world! The goal of Startup Weekend is to get people together, share ideas, and launch startups!

It’s an intense 54 hour event starting with pitches on Friday evening and ending with 5 minutes presentations to a panel of judges and cash prizes …

“Business owners, and people in general, seem to have a pathological fear accounting and more specifically taxes.”

Michael Carney, MWC Accounting Inc. - President

Michael Carney didn’t get discouraged after being downsized from the public accounting firm he used to work for. Instead he picked himself up, and launched his own company with only himself and his computer.

MWC Accounting is a small accounting firm that focuses primarily on small start-up companies looking for financial guidance that allows them to grow. They provide accounting and …

“…my recommendation to any small business owner or any other company is to spend time with customers and to spend time with prospects in order to get some traction, and when you have that traction, I think it’s quite easy to get some money.”

Hey everyone, it's Mike Sullivan and this is MO.com. Thanks for joining me. Today I have Alexandre Rambaud with me. He is the founder and CEO of Agendize.

Alexandre, thanks for joining me today. Can you tell us what is the goal of Agendize?

The goal for Agendize is to make sure that we can provide more calls, more appointments, and …

“…we clean for health without causing harm to the environment. In other words “Care more, Waste less”.

Mary and Tony Miller don’t run your average cleaning service. It is much more than that. JANCOA Janitorial Services provides commercial cleaning to class “A” office space of 50,000 square feet or more. JANCOA also works with a large number of schools and medical buildings to provide a green and healthy environment for their facilities.

They are proud to boast a …

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