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“When you add value to a person’s everyday life, you do more than just sell a product; you create a lasting relationship of goodwill and a connection that goes far beyond “sell-buy-consume.”

Shaun Walker, Creative Director - HERO|farm
Reid Stone CEO, Brand Strategy Director - HERO|farm

HERO|farm is a think tank with a new model in mind for the advertising industry. As a creative guild, this marketing agency’s simple philosophy is "Do great work for good people." This includes doing some work pro-bono each year, and actively pursuing avenues of impact that create …

“Then there is that magical moment when it all comes together, and something greater than all those things happens”

Interviewer: Since your background is mostly in photography, what first led to your interest in non-profit work?

Linda Pascotto: Photography is primarily about observation without pre-conceived ideas; a different way of seeing what is in front of you. I was often surprised by the best pictures. You take care of the technical side, try for the best light, composition …

“The overwhelming majority of jobs come from the small business sector, not Fortune 1000 companies or the government.”

If you see an RV decked out with sponsor logos rolling by your business you may want to wave him down and ask Todd Smith to help! Todd is the CEO of Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, and is in the midst of a great journey he is calling “Takin It To The Streets”. It’s a business plan tour of the …

“If we are not the focus of our own lives then we are living with a dimmed level of awareness of who we are and how we show up in the world.”

Kim Ades believes the act of journaling can significantly change your life. This is why she started Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. Frame of Mind Coaching uses the unique process of coaching through online journaling.  Clients journal every day and the coach reads and responds to the journal on a regular basis.  Kim and her team of coaches …

“…this idea that what works for you won’t always work for them.”


Download the Grasshopper Spreadable case study - PDF

Hey everyone, it's Mike Sullivan of MO.com. Thanks for joining me today. With me today is Jonathan Kay of Grasshopper.com. Jonathan joins us once a month as our subject matter expert, and today he's going to share with us some advice that Grasshopper learned with a company they launched. I'll turn it over …

“There are so many different ways to invest and make money in real estate, but there are just as many ways to lose money.”

Michael Gier is a serial entrepreneur. He currently runs Protect Yourself LLC, Silver Dove Productions LLC, MHVProperties.com and MichaelGier.com.

Silver Dove Productions, LLC is a video production company that produces video for both corporate and consumer clients. Protect Yourself, LLC is a free fraud prevention internet TV show that Michael produces. He also hosts the show with each episode teaching people …

“A true social shopping experience is one that is social at its core—harnessing the power of social recommendations, social validation and user-generated content.”

Founder & CEO Givvy

Givvy is a social shopping app that helps Facebook users discover, share and curate extraordinary gifts for any personality.

The first of its kind, Givvy helps Facebook users meet their gift-giving needs by turning to trusted friends and curators for social gift recommendations. Users can browse gifts by unique personality types or they can choose to follow curators with matching interests. …

“If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, no obstacle is too big, and you never feel like you’re working. “

Entrepreneurs Adam and Matthew Toren

Today we are featuring two entrepreneur brothers who have already had great success, and are at it again with their newest book released this week titled Small Business BIG Vision: Lessons on How to Dominate Your Market from Self-Made Entrepreneurs Who Did it Right.

Matthew and Adam Toren are brothers, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. They have 20 years experience in …

“The legitimacy factor is one advantage that we have, but also we are so well positioned on the web.”

When you go to Vegas, why not be a VIP? Dan Nunes CEO of Vegas VIP believes that creating the VIP experience is his calling. VEGAS VIP is a luxury Destination Management Company known for their legitimacy and expertise in providing clients the “celebrity treatment.” Planning, customizing, and hosting any event for large groups, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, …

WTF? – What the Franchise?

There are several ways to get into business; a pure start-up, a purchase of an existing business, a franchise agreement, etc.   Each way offers unique advantages and disadvantages.  Often times, franchising isn't given serious consideration by entrepreneurs because it doesn't begin with a unique idea that you could turn into an opportunity.  However, for some, the pros out-weigh the cons.

Becoming …

“I used to be so afraid of public speaking and now I love it.”

Jennifer Bonetto is a Feng Shui expert. She created Real Feng Shui SOULutions. Jennifer is a Certified Master of Classical Feng Shui. From Fortune 500 companies to stay-at-home moms and beyond, Jennifer has helped a broad list of clients improve all areas of wealth, health and relationships in their lives with Real Feng Shui SOULutions.

Classical Feng Shui has passed the …

Andrew Rosener on the sale of DX.com and domains for small businesses

Hey, everyone, I'm Mike Sullivan. This is MO.com. Thanks for joining me. With me today is Andrew Rosener. He is the founder of Media Options and our subject matter expert on domain names. Andrew, thanks for joining me today. You've made quite a bit of news with the sale of DX.com. Can you tell us a little bit about …

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