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What’s the one website you visit everyday?

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Question: What’s the one website you visit everyday?

Jim Belosic, Founder Shortstack.com
Definitely Facebook, although it’s funny as a Facebook developer, I don’t use Facebook the way that everyone else does anymore. I find that I’m posting fewer and fewer pictures on it and interacting with my friends less because I’m kind of on the back end of it the whole time. Beyond that, I run a three monitor setup, so one of them is always at our customer support. One of them is always in Gmail, and then one of them has Facebook up. Then, beyond that, probably, what else do I take a look at? I check out Mashable and TechCrunch quite a bit. Just to kind of keep my ear as far as what’s going on in the industry.

Hayward Majors, Co-founder CollegeSolved
I guess I’ll throw out I’m a Huff Post fan. Purely because I love politics. I love current events, and my attention span is probably about the length of their articles. I go there a lot.

Andrew Ullman, Co-founder CollegeSolved
I am also always on Huff Post, but not for the political news, for all sorts of other news. My bonus website that I only allow myself, because it’s a guilty pleasure, if I’m eating lunch at my desk I allow myself about five or ten minutes a day on TMZ. Just because it’s so outrageous and obnoxious and I love to check it out. Then obviously I have to check ESPN every morning when I come in.

Patrick Chukwura, Developer Fine and Dandy Games
Let’s see. One website I visit every day is probably Macrumors.com. I’m very into the rumors and hype of what’s Apple or Steve Jobs going to come out with next. It’s just one of my little vices that I like. Yeah, I’d say probably Macrumors.com is a website I visit multiple times a day actually.

Billy Canu, Co-founder SEOHaus
I would say I look at Twitter everyday and I also look at SEO Book. I don’t even tweet. I just look at everyone else’s tweets. I’m obsessed with just seeing what everybody else is doing. I’m a unicorn, so I just watch everybody. I don’t ever comment. I don’t ever send messages to people. I just like to read what other SEO people are doing, celebrities, all that. For my professional side, SEO Book is just a great, great thing. I think I’ve even seen Aaron on you guys’ site. Aaron Wall does SEO Book, and it’s just a great resource. It has a lot of cool tools for small businesses that I’d really recommend. There’s a rank checker, all kinds of great thing, a tool bar for Mozilla. It’s really impressive.

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